Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases the visibility of your website in search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo; this means driving relevant traffic to your site. If you are not on the first page results of search engines, then you are losing some of the most important traffic to your business. That is, all those high-quality users who are searching online and are willing to visit your website (if they find out about it).

With a rigorous process analyzing strategic and conversion goals, ForestView uses SEO tools, statistics and competition indexing in order to identify and implement all actions needed to increase your site’s search engine presence:

Search Engine Optimization Engagement: This includes, among others, a first evaluation of the site, a clear understanding of client goals as well as the site’s current ranking within search engines.

Keyword Strategy: We analyze competition and do extensive keyword search, as well as an algorithmic identification of the most suitable keywords.

On Site Audit:  Here we identify all parameters that can be optimized within a website. Indicatively these include the use of semantics, in site linking, keyword usage, titles, images, code text ratio, rich content and robot scrolling.

Off Site Audit: A study of offsite activities and links that improve a sites position within search engines. These are measured and compared with competition.

SEO Strategy Report: A detailed document that describes the optimization of all SEO parameters on and off site.Content distribution and Link Building: The creation of qualitative and quantitative links, in order to improve the site’s search engine ranking. Utilization of various techniques, such as: physical links, article distribution, ad presence in internet catalogues, distribution of press releases, social media links, content links, RSS feeds syndication, social bookmarking, and link baiting.

SEO Training: Invaluable information for everybody working with a website. Training that is addressed equally to website content managers, copywriters, administrators, IT managers and marketers.

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