Cross-channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing differs to Multichannel Marketing in that it allows advertising programs to arbitrate between channels in the most effective way.

Enabled by technology, this approach not only optimizes campaigns vertically but also horizontally between channels, shifting advertising pressure to the most effective medium at any aperture. Attribution across user screens also helps improve targeting and optimization.

As a result, Cross Channel campaigns offer additional edge to performance and maximum return on investment.


Paid Search with a high ROI is for many advertisers the centerpiece of their digital strategy. However, due to increased competition, changes in bid prices and the rise of social and mobile, Search is becoming more complicated. A certified Google partner, ForestView covers the entire search activity spectrum; from setup, keyword research analysis and keyword expansion, to brand competition and long tail strategies, ad-copy and bid management, as well as landing page recommendations and deep linking.

Our experienced performance engineers oversee an ongoing optimization process of all search accounts.

With Cross Channel reporting, we maintain a holistic view and integrate the performance of Search into the overall marketing mix. If your paid and natural Search aren’t working together, you might be missing out.

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Display Advertising comes in many shapes and sizes, as well as sources. From engagement to conversion, we leverage display media depending on the goal at hand. From simple retargeting campaigns to combining 1st party and 3rd party data, Display Advertising is a powerful tool in our quest for conversion. With great targeting capabilities, Display advertising enables us to reach and find new customers, while at the same time they are segmented and comprehensively evaluated.

A key part of Cross Channel Marketing, Display enables detailed segmentation strategies that emphasize the power of creative and personal messaging.

As we are media neutral we will test all available inventory in order to deliver against our client KPIs. We will use exchanges, demand side platforms, as well as Google’s Display Newtork, our Affiliate Network and Social Advertising, whereas we will also execute direct buys from select publishers. Any display media really, as long as it performs.


When you mention the word “social”, Facebook is probably the first thing that springs to mind. And yes, we run campaigns that can be optimized against your goal within a social context. If you aim to reduce the cost of fan acquisition, increase sharing or engagement, with a 95% success rate in meeting such targets, we are willing to accept the challenge!

However, Performance with Social can be much more. One of the highest performing communication channels, Social Advertising can drive conversions, sales, downloads and leads. Taking it a step further, when we incorporate non-Facebook data into your campaigns, the results get even better.

Social actually stretches onto many other platforms such as Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine and Google+ to name but a few. Depending on your objective, from video view to content distribution or improving SEO rankings, ForestView will create the optimal cross channel strategy.


Affiliate Marketing provides you with the option of having your service or product marketed in the most cost effective manner. Advertising will be distributed through our network, which includes some of the most experienced and most popular publishers in the industry.

Our performance-driven team will help you develop custom tailored solutions based on your business goals. From sales to form submits, there are numerous ways you can get a competitive edge and ForestView knows better than anyone how to utilize all these tools in order to create value for your company.

We have an excellent tracking platform and provide round-the-clock monitoring and real-time optimization, whereas you pay only upon delivery with no cost or risk.

If you are interested in maximizing your marketing results, affiliate marketing is the progressive solution.